Why would you buy a 24 boxset DVD?

24 boxset DVD
If you’ve already seen 24 on TV you might think there’s no point in buying the DVDs but trust me, it’s a very different experience watching them on DVD to watching them on TV. You don’t have to wait/fast forward through annoying ad breaks, and you don’t need to wait a whole week until the next episode.

Also, as you know, there are so many twists and turns in the storyline that you’ll find you’ve forgotten some of the details if you watch it on TV.

If you haven’t ever seen 24 then there’s really no option for you – you have to get the DVDs. No discussion, no debate, just get them and prepare to be enthralled! Be warned though – the biggest difficulty you will find is stopping watching in order to continue your life – sleeping and eating etc will be put on hold as you watch “just one more episode” to find out what happens next.

The first series I watched on DVD I watched in only just over 24 hours. I managed to squeeze in a few hours sleep, but that was just about all I stopped for. It really is that compelling, and though the original series is a few years old now, it’s just as exciting as when it first hit an unsuspecting world.

Better still, it’s not a DVD you’ll buy once – there are so many twists and turns and so much going on that each time you watch it, you’ll discover some other detail of the story that you missed the first time round.

So that’s why you’d buy a 24 boxset DVD – it’s literally the gift that never stops giving!