The Counter Terrorist Unit Handbook


Perfect for any 24 Fan, this is styled and written just like a real workplace manual and includes all the information rookie CTU agents need.

With a welcome written by Jack Bauer himself, the handbook includes background on CTU together with information on the offices and facilities, codes of conduct, regulations and case studies.

There are also great sections on the equipment used by operatives, surveillance techniques, undercover ops, combat, interrogation and the essential Disaster Management…

The handbook is packed with interesting facts about CTU and includes all the essential protocols needed by agents. Some of my favourite chapters are listed below…:

– How to Tell if you’re Being Trailed
– Maintaining a False Identity
– Illegal Drug Use: How to Avoid It
– How to Fake Your Own Death
– Treating a Severed Limb
– Excessive Force: When the Ends Justify the Means
– How to Dispose of a Live Bomb

The above chapters – and lots more in the book – could come in handy any day of the week so read this book carefully and you’ll be prepared for anything the world might throw at you…

Click on the link below to have a preview look inside the book…

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