Unusual Gifts

  • Tweet When you were younger it was perfectly acceptable – almost expected – to put posters of your hero on the wall. As an adult it’s just not right to have fading posters stuck to greasy blu tac messing up your paintwork… Never fear! Here at Jack Bauer Merchandise we’ve found a perfect solution to […]

  • Tweet If you think you’ve got a tough day ahead, just try and be grateful that your days never turn out quite as bad as Jack’s… To remind you of this every morning, why not go for a mug that shows the man himself in all his glory. There’s not too much you can say […]

  • Tweet Perfect for any 24 Fan, this is styled and written just like a real workplace manual and includes all the information rookie CTU agents need. With a welcome written by Jack Bauer himself, the handbook includes background on CTU together with information on the offices and facilities, codes of conduct, regulations and case studies. […]

  • Tweet Your favourite Jack phrases at the touch of a button, this keyring is a great novelty gift for any 24 fan. As well as the ultimate Jack phrase of “Damn it!” there’s also the second countdown sound and some other Jack Bauer phrases. The sound quality is a little tinny, as good as you’d […]

  • Tweet The mug that only Jack Bauer can drink from. Or, the mug you can drink from if you truly believe that you really are Jack Bauer (and are prepared to challenge the man himself to a fight if he catches you drinking from it).