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  • Tweet When you were younger it was perfectly acceptable – almost expected – to put posters of your hero on the wall. As an adult it’s just not right to have fading posters stuck to greasy blu tac messing up your paintwork… Never fear! Here at Jack Bauer Merchandise we’ve found a perfect solution to […]

  • Tweet Don’t be scared by the title, this book isn’t a heavy philosophical tome, but is a witty look at some of the methods and motivations of the characters in 24 and in particular gives a insight into the behaviour and character of Jack Bauer. Written by 20 philosophers who are also big fans of […]

  • Tweet This book is the ultimate guide to the first 6 seasons of 24 and it includes loads of background information on the plots, characters and locations – perfect for any fan wanting to get closer to the action. There are profiles and fact files on all the main characters in the first 6 seasons […]

  • Tweet Perfect for any 24 Fan, this is styled and written just like a real workplace manual and includes all the information rookie CTU agents need. With a welcome written by Jack Bauer himself, the handbook includes background on CTU together with information on the offices and facilities, codes of conduct, regulations and case studies. […]