Massive collection of hit TV show 24 wallpaper

If you’re desperate for some hit TV show 24 wallpaper, check out our 36 free downloads for your desktop. Whether it’s Jack Bauer wallpaper, Kim Bauer wallpaper, or the whole of CTU wallpaper, we’ve scoured the Web and compiled 36 different stunning images for you to download and drop onto your desktop for free.

Seeing the legendary Jack Bauer looming menacingly behind your desktop apps certainly improves your productivity. If productivity isn’t exactly what you’re after, though, then try some Kim Bauer wallpaper for an altogether different mood – just make sure Jack doesn’t find out!

Whatever type of 24 wallpaper you’re after, we’ve got it covered.

How to install your 24 wallpaper

To download a wallpaper, simply click on its image below. When the full size wallpaper opens, just right click it and select “Set as desktop background” (in Firefox) or “Set as Background” (in Internet Explorer).