CTU T-Shirt in classic 24 font


Simple yet iconic, this t-shirt tells the world just who you (wish you) work for. This is the t-shirt the CTU team wear at corporate events, the t-shirt they wear if they accidentally spill something down their top while at work and need a replacement and the t-shirt they wear when competing in 5-aside football tournaments between different government agencies.

This t-shirt is from Zazzle.co.uk and the great thing about Zazzle shirts is that the world is your oyster and the design you see is just a starting point for you.
Want a different colour, size or style? Done.

Want to add to the design? Easy.

There are over 60 different styles to choose from including basic t-shirts, vests, ladies cut, long-sleeved, sweatshirts and even baby-grows. Add to that a vast range of colours and you’ve got more options than Jack has scars.

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