Celebrating the end of 24

End of Jack Bauer
24, the series, has just bowed out with its final episode of the final series. And in true 24 style, it was gripping edge of the seat stuff, with non-stop action, head turning twists, and so much intrigue and options, there was no way to work out what would happen until right at the very end.

And then the very end happened. The conclusion, when it came, was brilliant. It ended the episode, it ended the season, and it ended the whole show – perfectly, and just the way Jack would have liked it.

Season 8 has been one of the best seasons for some time, and it’s the perfect conclusion to the whole series. It leaves you breathless, glad finally to be put out of your suspense, yet desperate for more glorious action – whiich of course we’ll see next year with the release of 24 the movie.

Until then, satisfy yourself with gloroius 24 nights with the entire set of 24 DVD boxsets, preorder the whole of Season 8 and watch it all again, or just grab as much Jack Bauer merchandise as you can carry (well, we would say that ;)

Farewell Jack – see you next year!