24 The Ultimate Guide


This book is the ultimate guide to the first 6 seasons of 24 and it includes loads of background information on the plots, characters and locations – perfect for any fan wanting to get closer to the action.

There are profiles and fact files on all the main characters in the first 6 seasons – including Jack and his family, CTU favourites including Chloe, Nina, Tony, Michelle and Bill Buchanan and key players in the White House – David, Sherry and Wayne Palmer, the Logans and favourite support staff: Mike Novick, Aaron Pierce, James Heller and Audrey Raines.

There’s also more background info on CTU including the analysts, agents, TAC team, technology and the all important arsenal.

So, if you fancy making yourself an expert on the complex universe that is 24, this is the book for you.

Click on the below link to have a sneak peak inside the book…

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