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    24 Redemption is like 24 Lite – a mini-24 adventure compressed into just a few hours (just long enough for the writers’ strike in the US to end!)


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Redemption is a special 2 hour episode of 24 which bridges the gap between Day 6 and Day 7. In reality, it was produced to bridge the year long gap in the production of Day 7 due to the Screen Writer’s Guild strike – it also helped Keifer serve prison time for drink driving and breaking his probation!

The action takes place in the fictional African country of Sangala where Jack now finds himself living and working with an old friend and colleague, Carl Benton, played by Robert Carlyle. Carl works as a missionary, running a school for war orphans.

The subject of the war and genocide in Sangala was inspired by the Rwandan genocide of 1994, so don’t expect to see too much happiness in this outing for Jack. Civil war has broken out in Sangala as rebel militia forces, run by the violent and corrupt General Juma, attempt to take over leadership of the country.

As the show progresses it is revealed that Juma has surprising support – and serious funding – coming from within the US. Back in the US there is a new President Elect, just about to take over from President Daniels.

Meanwhile, as Jack tries to come to terms with his previous life and find some peace, his past is desperately trying to catch up with him as he is issued a subpoena to appear before the US Senate for a human rights violations hearing – apparently torture is now frowned upon and CTU has been disbanded.

Although Jack initially refuses to adhere to the subpoena, events conspire against him and by the end of the programme he’s heading back home to star in Season Seven.
While Redemption maintains the 24 format of being shot in real-time, this is a slightly different side to the show than we’ve seen before. While there are still lots of great action sequences – and of course the obligatory torture scene – we also see a more human side to Jack which is a good change. This show also introduces key new characters for Season 7, including the new President and the mysterious Jonas Hodges, played by Jon Voigt who oozes Bad Guy all over the screen.

Definitely worth watching before Season 7, make sure you buy the 2-disc extended version of this – the show itself is much better un-cut and the extras are great, including featurettes, an audio commentary plus trailers for the next day.