24 Season 7 Boxset DVD

  • 24 Season 7 Boxset DVD

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    24 Season 7 boxset DVD. Season 7 sees Jack Bauer on top form with Renee Walker, and you can be on top form with this cracking price for the Season 7 boxset DVD!


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Following on from 24 Redemption and 4 years after the events of Day 6, Jack is back in the US. This time he’s in Washington DC facing a Senate hearing about human rights violations at the now disbanded CTU. Jack has barely had time to explain he has no regrets for his previous actions as they saved lives when he is suddenly plucked from the courtroom straight into the heart of another national calamity.

In the absence of CTU, this kind of crisis is now handled by the FBI and Jack is briefed by Agents Renee Walker and Larry Moss. Terrorists are threatening the whole national infrastructure with a device that enables them to break through the security firewall. First target is Air Traffic Control and the reason for involving Jack in the whole situation is a shocking one as a really unexpected ghost from the past reappears…

Elsewhere, the new President Taylor is successfully running the country, despite the personal challenges of a son who committed suicide, a partner who refuses to accept that it was suicide and an estranged daughter. The President is determined to stop the atrocities occurring in Sangala and is preparing to send in US troops against General Juma and his rebel army. The terrorists however want to stop the president from this action, hence the attack on the firewall.

In this season the thrills and spills are as frequent as you’d expect, including car crashes, plane crashes, traitors in the White House, leaks in the FBI, an attack on a chemical plant, the kidnap and ransoming of a member of the First Family, the most audacious attack on a building in 24’s history, a professional hit that can’t be cancelled, a massive military stand-off and a private security firm that’s got far too big for its boots and is sourcing weapons of mass destruction on US soil…

There’s also the return of 3 favourite CTU faces from the past, one of whom yo-yos so frequently between being a good guy and a bad guy that even he seems to lose track of which side he’s on at one point… Kim Bauer also returns for a few hours and quickly finds a way to get herself in trouble, which is a reassuring return to the norm for the show.

The only thing missing from this season is the usual high level of extreme torture, although there is some torture – just not as gratuitous as in previous days and it’s accompanied by soul searching and questioning whether or not it was necessary… Having said that, this season brings 24 back to the levels of the early days and is a recovery from the weaker Day 6.

DVD extras as usual include audio commentaries, featurettes and deleted scenes.