24 Season 5 Boxset DVD

  • 24 Season 5 Boxset DVD

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    24 boxset season 5 DVD – Jack’s back with a bang, once more saving the world and saving you cash with this low priced 24 boxset DVD!


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A dramatic start to the day, eighteen months after Jack vanished into the sunset, sees attempts on the lives of all four people who knew Jack was still alive, two of the attempts successful. Jack is forced out of hiding by the events and returns to LA where he is himself being framed for the assassinations. Not coincidentally, this happens on the day of an historic anti-terrorism treaty being signed between Russia and the USA, led by the now President Logan.

A group of Russian terrorists, determined to prevent the treaty being signed, take over Ontario airport (not in Canada, in Los Angeles) and this is just the beginning of a series of terrifying events that yet again Jack has to contend with.

As well as having to deal with the usual array of hardened terrorists in this day, Jack also has to deal with some major infiltrations of the white house administration and finding out just how high and senior the corruption goes is a major part of the day’s work. The White House also has a new First Lady in the form of Martha Logan, a clearly troubled woman who has psychosis problems and is seemingly obsessed with conspiracy theories.

The action keeps coming in this season, with a major threat from a nerve gas weapon, a former hobbit taking over the command of CTU from Bill Buchanan, another presidential marriage in crisis and Jack being torn between two women. As well as this there are traitors within the White House, a sister with a drug habit, manipulation of the president, torture (of course), attacks on innocent US citizens, the hijacking of a nuclear submarine, attacks on a presidential motorcade with a very high ranking official complicit with the plans, a former CTU agent gone very very bad and a sad and deadly attack on CTU itself.

Kim Bauer makes a brief re-appearance, just in time to be in grave danger, and when the person at the head of the conspiracy in the White House is revealed there are massive ramifications.

Finally, in the very last hour, when Jack has finally managed to stop the terrorist threat and apprehend the culprit seemingly at the head of the conspiracy, he receives a phone call from Kim and in the last minutes of the last hour we realise that while this particular day might be over for Jack, there’s much more to come.

DVD extras in the box set include various episode commentaries, four great behind-the-scenes featurettes, a celebratory look back at the 100 episodes of 24 (amazingly, by the end of this season there have been a whopping 120 episodes!) plus extended and deleted scenes complete with commentary.