24 Season 4 Boxset DVD

  • 24 Season 4 Boxset DVD

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    24 season 4 boxset DVD. Edgar Stiles, Chloe, Audrey Manning and no Kim Bauer = result! Season 4 is the start of the Chinese embassy story.


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24 season 4 DVD boxset
Eighteen months on and Jack has now left CTU. You’d think this would mean he’d now be able to avoid having those bad days of his past, but yet again he finds himself being sucked into terrorist plots and the like and, within the first 2 hours of the show, he has been temporarily reinstated at the Counter Terrorist Unit.

There’s another big change for Jack this season as he has fallen in love (awww…) with the Secretary of Defence’s daughter, Audrey Raines. Of course, as we’ve already learned, to love Jack is to put yourself in danger – and being the daughter of a prominent US politician doesn’t help this at all… Jack quickly finds himself having to rescue Audrey and her father who are kidnapped by Turkish terrorists.

There are some key new characters in this season to replace those knocked off in day three: we meet Edgar Stiles who is a perfect partner for Chloe at CTU as well as Curtis Manning, new head of field ops and Erin Driscoll, the steely woman now in charge at CTU who was responsible for Jack’s leaving and who has much more to contend with in her life than just the job at CTU. We also meet Vice President Charles Logan, an odious man who makes some very significant decisions.

As always this season is packed with action, intrigue and some dramatic twists and turns. Just some of the problems Jack has to deal with are: a nuclear meltdown, an illegal trial by terrorists, torture (wouldn’t be 24 without it), an electro-magnetic pulse bomb, a shoot-out in a gun store, suicide, the return of our favourite President and Chloe in perhaps her coolest ever moment as she shows that even nerds can kick some ass. We also have Jack breaking some massive international laws that will have dramatic implications in days to come…

Another thing worth mentioning is that this series doesn’t feature accident- and incident-prone Kim Bauer, so at least that’s one disaster zone Jack doesn’t need to worry about for once!

DVD extras include featurettes – including one about building the new CTU – and 40 deleted or extended scenes. Great stuff.