24 Season 3 Boxset DVD

  • 24 Season 3 Boxset DVD

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    24 season 3 boxset DVD. Jack’s back in the sensational 24 season 3, and this time it’s a weaponised virus he has to stop. With more twists and turns, more gruesome scenes, and shocks that come out of nowhere, Season 3 will have you on the edge of your seat for the full 24 hours.


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Three years on from Day 2 and quite a lot has happened in the meantime – a coupling that began in Day 2 has resulted in a marriage, Kim Bauer has somehow got herself a job at CTU and Jack has spent time deep undercover with a drug ring, the unfortunate by-product of this being that he has become a heroin addict himself.

As you do.

The day starts with a decomposing diseased body being dropped off at a National Health Services facility. The victim has been infected with a new highly dangerous weaponised virus, a single attack of which could result in the deaths of a million people within a week. Thus we’re introduced to the main threat of this third season.

The virus is the work of the family of the Mexican drug baron who Jack sent down following his undercover operation and with it they demand his immediate release. Needless to say this is the start of yet another tricky day for Jack and this third season doesn’t disappoint on the action stakes.

24 season 3 Boxset DVD

As well as the return of one of the best villains of the show, this season also includes a dramatic prison break, torture (of course), a high profile murder (carried out by a very high profile returning character), a massive and crippling computer virus, cover-ups, more torture, exposure to the virus of some favourite characters, a horrifying job for Jack and Ryan Chapelle and, of course, Kim manages to get herself in some mild peril.

We also have the deaths of two major characters from the first 2 seasons and another favourite is charged with treason. As well as this, something happens in the very last episode with an axe that will stay with you for a long time…

This is yet another great season of 24 that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. The DVD extras include three featurettes and 45 deleted scenes, all well worth a watch.