24 Season 2 DVD Boxset

  • 24 Season 2 DVD Boxset

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    18 months on from the first 24 hours, Jack’s back in the second explosive season of the hit TV show Twenty Four. With a new President to protect, the beautiful Kim Bauer, and the threat of a nuclear bomb, Season 2 is a superb follow up to the acclaimed original.


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It’s eighteen months since Day One and, unsurprisingly, a lot has changed.

Life has become bleak for Jack Bauer. Estranged from daughter Kim he now lives alone and doesn’t work for CTU anymore – Jack is in a dark dark place… Kim meanwhile has got a job as a live-in nanny with a seemingly normal family called the Mathesons in LA.

Elsewhere, there’s a new President in place and in the first hour we’re also introduced to the Warner family who are preparing for the wedding of youngest daughter Marie who is due to marry her Middle Eastern fiance Reza later in the day.

24 Season 2 Boxset DVD
Unsurprisingly, within the first hour of the show things are thrown into turmoil: Jack is hounded back into CTU service, it appears the happy family Kim is nanny for aren’t quite as perfect as they appear and it doesn’t look like the Warner wedding is going to go as smoothly as hoped.

Oh, and there’s also an imminent threat of a dirty nuclear bomb being detonated somewhere in LA. Just the usual kind of day for Jack Bauer…

To whet your appetite, this 24 hours is going to include another alarming amount of disasters and catastrophes including: car crashes, decapitation, explosions, wild cat threats, murder, plane crashes, hostage takings, torture, safe rooms, suicide, subterfuge in the White House, radiation poisoning, a secret special ops task team and a nuclear bomb detonation.

Kim Bauer remains a (very annoying) magnet for trouble – in this day she could almost rival Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote for attracting trouble with every turn she makes!

The sequel to the amazing Day 1 in the 24 series was always going to be a challenge – could they really recreate the same magic in another season? Could the concept stand up to another execution? The answer is a resounding yes. This second day is as action packed as the first and includes just as many shocks, twists and turns as the first day. It also includes the return of some key faces from the first day, both good guys and villains and again it keeps you guessing right up to the last minutes…

The DVD box set includes lots of great extras, much improved from Day 1. There are 44 deleted scenes, audio commentaries and three featurettes. Another great addition to this box set is the option to “Play All” from each disk main menu which means the 4 episodes contained on each disk play continuously – much easier than having to go back to the main menu at the end of each.