24 Season 1 DVD Boxset

  • 24 Season 1 DVD Boxset

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    The original 24 Season 1 will have you on the edge of your seat as Jack Bauer faces impossible odds to prevent the assassination of the first black Presidential candidate.

    With heart stopping non-stop action, twists and turns that’ll genuinely leave you gasping, and a frenetic pace that’s maintained throughout, you’re in for as wild a 24 hours as Jack Bauer himself!


Product Details

Product Details

24 season 1 boxset

Federal Agent Jack Bauer, head of Field Ops at CTU, finds himself having a bad bad day as he has to try to prevent the assassination of the first black presidential candidate on the day of the Californian State Primary.

Starting at midnight Jack’s day gets progressively worse as he deals with the persistent assassins, a presidential candidate whose family has secrets they desperately want to keep, infiltrations in the senator’s support staff, a daughter who has done a runner with some very undesirable boys, an unknown traitor within CTU itself, and a very bitter Balkan family who Jack has had dealings with before.

As well as this, there are problems with amnesia-causing car crashes, violent drug dealers, multiple hostage takings and all manner of other calamitous happenings.

24 season 1 boxset

As the first ever 24, this series really was ground breaking TV, with loads of unexpected twists and revelations in the storyline right through from the first to the very last hour.

This series established Jack Bauer as one of the coolest characters on TV. He is a lean, mean fighting machine, rough and ready, smart and strategic and, of course, he has the initials J.B. – just like James Bond, Jason Bourne and Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider). Say no more.

The DVD extras are pretty basic, but you’ll find alternative endings and a preview for 24 season 2.