10 unusual Jack Bauer Secret Santa gift ideas

Coming up with good Secret Santa gift ideas is a nightmare. Firstly, you need an idea that no-one else has thought of. And secondly, you need something that will make people go “oooh, that’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that?!” That way you can glow with inner pride from being the only creative person in your office!

Luckily, this year Jack Bauer can help you be that creative person. We’ve assembled dozens of odd and unusual Jack Bauer merchandise from across the Web, and compiled ten of the most unusual – and cheapest – gifts we could find to give you the perfect list of Secret Santa ideas – all with a Jack Bauer theme.

1. Jack Bauer CTU tie

Possibly the best Secret Santa gift for anyone in an office is this Jack Bauer CTU tie. Not only do you get to give a great gift that your 24-loving recipient will love, you get to see them wear it too, safe in the knowledge that they look like an idiot without knowing who bought it! You gotta love Secret Santa!

2. 24 Doggie Ribbed Tank Top

Turn any dog into a Jack Bauer Russell with this 24-branded Doggie Ribbed Tank Top. Helps to make your dog look more manly, despite the fact he’s having to wear a shirt because he gets too cold!

24 petshirt

3. 24 Mouse Pad

Possibly the least creative or imaginative gift here, but if you know the person you need buy the Secret Santa gift for is a 24 fan, you simply can’t go wrong with this 24 mouse pad!

24 mousepad

4. What Would Jack Do Mug?

We all know the answer to this – he’d blow up an entire city if he had to, spend 24 hours trying to save his daughter, and behead anyone who got in his way because it was the quickest way to get results. But if you know someone who needs reminding, then this What Would Jack Do mug is the perfect Secret Santa gift.

WWJD--What Would Jack Do? mug

5. Another Jack Bauer Mug

Does exactly what it says – it’s a Jack Bauer mug, this time with a picture of our hero!

6. Jack Bauer Top Trumps

The type of gift Secret Santa was invented for, this set of the Jack Bauer Top Trumps cards is absolutely perfect for anyone who’s ever shown an interest in 24. The pack covers the characters of the first four seasons and includes such categories as number of seasons, power, loyalty to cause, cunning and 24 factor.

Jack Bauer Top Trumps gift

7. The Tao of Jack Bauer

Subtitled “What Our Favorite Terrorist Buster Says About Life, Love, Torture, and Saving the World 24 Times in 24 Hours With No Lunch Break”, the Tao of Jack Bauer is the perfect paperback book for fans of Jack Bauer. It features insightful discussions on what Jack Bauer teaches us about torture, whether 24 glorifies torture, how Government agents really use technology to fight terrorism, and – best of all – a fun quiz that rates how closely you match to Jack Bauer!

The Tao of Jack Bauer secret santa gift

8. Angry Jack 12 inch action figure

I love this gift. It’s a 12″ Jack Bauer action figure showing Jack at his angriest, presumably decrying the injustice of having such a ridiculously incapable daughter as Kim. It’s a bit pricey for a Secret Santa gift, but it’s guaranteed to give you major kudos in the office as it’s just so novel.

9. Jack Bauer Pillowcase

Possibly the oddest bit of 24 merchandise on sale, if you know someone who really really loves Jack Bauer, then you need to buy them this Jack Bauer pillowcase for Secret Santa! Particularly if they’re a bit lonely, they fancy sleeping with Jack, and there’s no-one in their lives to witness them sleeping with Jack on their pillow!

10. Jack Bauer in your pocket

This Jack Bauer keyring comes with dozens of samples from 24 featuring the best of Jack’s lines (most of which involve the words “dammit!”), plus the doom-laden 24 countdown music.

Still not found what you’re looking for?

If you’ve still not found what you’re looking for, don’t despair. These are just ten of the ideas we thought best suited for Secret Santa. Take a look around the rest of Jack Bauer Merchandise for dozens of other ideas, all of which are perfect for the Jack Bauer fan.

In the meantime, check out this video of Jack interrogating Santa. Not sure who’s scariest!